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Introduced evaluation

Welcome to the Organik Development Platform

This is the trac for the Organik development.

Please remember that anything committed into the SVN becomes the intellectual property of the Organik Consortium and is published under an open source license, the current license is defined at OrganikLicense but may change upon decision of the consortium.

Using OrganiK

New users of OrganiK should read the BeginnerTutorial, where you find instructions for your first steps with OrganiK. Administrators and knowledge officers of companies may also want to look at AdministratorTutorial.




  • OrganikTeam - read about the team, see their usernames to use in tickets and svn messages.


OrganiK will probably be released dual licensed, see OrganikLicense


Discusses various stages in evaluation, at this moment the 'End Result' is open for editing by all for the following areas:

For the following areas the End Result has been proposed and is open to comments: