User Behaviour Analyser

one of the OrganikComponents

The User Behaviour Analyser Component aims to track and analyse the behaviour and actions of users while interacting with the OrganiK platform in order to conclude patterns and reinforce its personalisation capabilities.

The following are considered part of the user behaviour and worth analysing:

· Browsing history: Drupal has built-in support for storing the date and time of the last interaction of a user with a page. This information is stored in a database table and is considered useful because it may reveal the pages of interest to a user, along with the recency of the visit. Nevertheless, the information of the intensity of the user's interest towards a page is missing, since it is not possible to know how many times and for what purpose a user has interacted with a page.

· User actions: The lack of information by the browsing history is compensated by the tracking of user actions. The OrganiK developers have extended the Drupal code in order to store every interaction between a user and a node. Thus, a suitable database table stores and differentiates between the user actions on a content item, i.e. viewing, editing, viewing a posted comment, posting a comment. This information is then utilised to compute a function for the importance of content items to users.

· Use of annotation terms: The core Drupal code is extended in order to track and store the use of annotation terms. Drupal only stores the list of terms used to annotate a content item, but misses the information of which user has created and/or used an annotation term. This information is utilised to compute a function for the popularity of annotation terms, based on their use within OrganiK.

· Ratings: By utilising a suitable module (“Fivestar” ratings) users of OrganiK may rate the content items they read on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. These rating are stored and when analysed can offer valuable information on the preferences of users.

Figure 1: User Behaviour Analysis Component - Tracking and analysis of user interaction with OrganiK

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