Technical Meeting 2009-10

Meeting during the general assembly in October 2009 (estimated to last about one day and a half, probably 13th afternoon and the 14th of October), to plan the demos and presentations and argumentation for the review in November.

Goal: prepare the review. Side-effects: get an overview on the demo and discuss what is left open for future deliverables

Before the Meeting

  • (at the Plenary Meeting) we discuss the review agenda so we know exactly the time allocated for technical presentation in the review
  • Update the wiki, especially OrganikComponents, as a source for text to reuse. The wiki should be our no1 information space.
  • Gather open tasks for the review at milestone:review-2009-09
  • for Demo: pick a scenario and test-data and prepare a demo script. The script must use personas and realistic data from SME scenarios. Prepare this demo script and test it in an organik installation.
  • prepare draft component slides

For each component: Prepare 2-4 draft slides which we will use at the review and during the training, containing argumentation for:

  • Name of component, link to this wiki, one sentence: what use case does to component support?
  • With what algorithm/approach is it implemented or going to be implemented?
  • was it evaluated or how does it compare to other components?
  • for GUI components: a screenshot of the component in action (upload this screenshot first to this wiki! for later reuse)

slides: upload to this svn (?)

Day 1


  • Demos: each partner ensures that demos work, if not, get someone to fix the server NOW while the others talk. (in parallel to the discussion)
  • Finding the requirements - what do we know about the review? Each partner shortly sums up what to expect during the review and what we have to care for. Result: goals for the review on a flipchart (1h)
  • Scenario presentation - where each component fits? (ppt)
  • Status report: each partner shows powerpoints of components (1h). Questions, comments.
  • each component is demoed in a scenario by the respective author/partner.
  • feedback on the argumentation and fluency of the demo is given
  • break
  • Status report: (continued)
  • summary: do we have an overview on all components? What needs to be done?


  • summary: do we have a fluent demo? What needs to be done?

Day 2


  • Based on feedback from yesterday: Each partner presents what needs to be improved in own material and demo and presents a personal todo list. Others have chance for constructive feedback.
  • break
  • Difference between this review and the next deliverables: what do we have to focus on in the next months? Which demos and which algorithms need improvement, which can stay as-is? How are we going change communication with SME partners?
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