Multilingual taxonomy (Syria)

Syria enquires about the taxonomy and whether this will be available in languages other then English, particularly Italian in their case.

RTD Response

A user can write whatever text she or he wants into the taxonomy. They can use terms in any language as long as drupal can store it (drupal can store most languages). The RecommenderComponent?, and the TaxonomyLearningComponent do only support english at the moment (we are working on german in winter 2009), so the support for many languages is limited with the automated services. It requires a technical procedure of analysing a lingual corpus to develop a taxonomy. Currently the project is not aware of such work having taken place in Italian.

  • LeoSauermann says: manual tagging can be done in any language. Automated tagging in any language is a hard problem. It can take up a lot of time (many months, we are depending on open source language analyser modules by OpenNLP here) and money with uncertain outcome. If a serious amount of money (I guesstimate around 10.000-100.000 EUR) is spent on a commercial multilingual tagging software and integrating it, it may work (depends on the licensing scheme of the language software provider, such as Empolis, Texttech, Microsoft FAST, IBM LanguageWare?, etc). In the priorities of this research project, from the RTD perspective, having some simple features working may have a higher priority than adding another language.

End Result

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