Project and task management (Syria, LTC, CAS)

A specific implementation of OrganiK is the use in project-based environments. At this stage of the development of OrganiK there is no specific project-management tool planned, as the flexibility of the system already offers options. The request has been taken into account though.

RTD Response

This request triggered a discussion regarding the potential for OrganiK to provide this functionality if used in a specific manner. Two technical solutions for assisting this operation were considered and further explored during the coming development stages:

  • One is to introduce a Drupal module for project management, adapt this to include the specific OrganiK functionality and improve its relation to the other functionality of OrganiK;
  • alternatively a new ‘content-type’ could be introduced within the system. A content-type is a technical element of Drupal to identify different media. This new content-type would cover ‘task’ and enable the attribution of tasks to OrganiK. Additionally this way of working could be clarified during the training.

In terms of development effort and the philosophy of the system to remain as flexible as possible the latter solution is preferred.

  • LeoSauermann says: "it depends" on the actual need in the SME. Both solutions require the local admin at the SME to do something, and it should be in their hands to decide - they know best what they really want and looking at a project management plugin at is understandable to most sysadmins.
  • KostasChristidis says: additionally, tags can be used for project management - such as "TODO:Leo" - this can also be clarified during the training.

End result

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