Limitation of rights (KCL, CAS, Syria)

OrganiK has been developed as an open system, aimed at sharing knowledge throughout an organisation. This does not take into account the specific desire of some of the SMEs to enable a limitation on the number of people that have access to certain data. In the case of Syria this is related to the outsourcing with large customers that may not approve of the use of a system that discusses work done in their name. In the case of CAS it is due to the practicalities of having a medium sized organisation where not everything is relevant to everybody (information overkill) and in the case of KCL there are certain topics that are considered confidential and can not be shared within the organisation.

RTD Response:

This request is carefully considered. It potentially collides with the objective of OrganiK to enable the diffusion of knowledge between people which is an important aspect of the KM framework offered by OrganiK. However, the RTD partners understand the desire to implement this as it adds direct value to the system for the various SME partners. As such a solution is sought in using a Drupal function to create specific roles (groups) and introducing the option to hide information from certain groups of people. The default would be to share with everybody however. At this stage of development there are questions about the technical feasibility and the technical RTD partners proceed to investigate.

  • LeoSauermann says: We can offer to use a new Drupal module for offering a way to manage access rights per user groups. When one creates a content item, we could offer the possibility to NOT share this with specific user groups. Still open: which module does offer this?
  • KostasChristidis says: This seems to be a common need- i ran into the Organic Groups module , we can try it.

End Result:

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