email tagging component

In two case studies, tagging and communication of knoweldge via email was a requirement. This component allows users to add content to OrganiK from their email system. An individual email can be selected for tagging and import to OrganiK.

  • tag suggestions are done by analysing the body (text) of the email.
  • the email body can be imported into organik and will be visible to all users (attention: privacy issue). Before adding the email, the user has the possibility to cut the text.


It is not clear how to implement it and depends heavily on the email platform in use at the company. For Outlook, it is possible to base on the platform and semantic desktop plugin for outlook. For web-based email systems or genisisworld, the deploying companies have to program the glue-code.

Import into the drupal platform will be possible using a web-interface (xml-rpc or rest) to drupal, which we investigate in ticket:23.

Design Rationale

the reason to separate this from ApertureDataAdapter is development cost and security/privacy:

LeoSauermann says: it basically does what the social bookmarking component deos for websites using the bookmarklet: use the text, get tags, post text+tags+uri to organik. Easy. that is piss-easy to implement in outlook as vb plugin or as plugin for other email clients. and it helps the users while they read email.

implementing it as an invisible backend component that automatically crawls all emails would cost a lot more (secrutiy, performance, etc) and it would be impossible to configure this to tag all emails correctly and only add those emails that are not "private".

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