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The Wiki component aims to provide a web-based collaborative authoring tool that will allow users, the knowledge workers of the participating SMEs, to simultaneously and collaboratively create, edit and share web-based textual information and/or knowledge artefacts (documents, pictures, binary files) of the company.

The chosen CMS, Drupal, offers built-in support for collaboratively managing wiki web pages. For Drupal, wiki page is one of the available content types and is actually called book page. Book pages can be organised in a book and follow a specific tree-like structure; there is one parent book page and multiple child book pages in various levels.

Despite the built-in support, further configurations and the deployment of complementary modules developed by the Drupal community were dimmed necessary in order to offer the classical wiki functionalities, which are described below:

  • Edit a wiki page in WYSIWYG or Wiki syntax.
  • Have a discussion tab where users exchange comments on the specific wiki page.
  • View the revisions of a specific wiki page and be able to revert to a previous revision.
  • Access a wiki page by using its title in the URL.
  • Link wiki pages in a straightforward way, using the wiki page’s title.

The next part below outlines the Drupal modules that were developed, deployed and configured in order to accommodate the above mentioned wiki-like functionalities:


The “WikiTools” module provides some of the very useful functionalities of a wiki. The wiki pages can be accessed and referenced by their title; their title can be used directly in the URL to access the wiki page (e.g. http://.../drupal/wiki/What_is_CRM). If there is no wiki page with this title then the user is suggested to create a wiki page with this title. Moreover, it is possible to link wiki pages in a very straightforward way; While editing the body of a wiki page, one can enter the title of another wiki page within double square brackets (e.g. What is CRM?). When the page is rendered the title becomes a link to the specific wiki page.


The “Talk” module is used to provide an aggregated view of all the comments posted for a specific wiki page. It actually serves the purpose of having a Discussion tab on the top of a wiki page, where users will post and view comments.


Drupal supports the versioning of any type of pages and versions are stored in its database. The “Diff” module provides in a separate tab a visual presentation of the list of revisions for a specific wiki page. This way, users can compare two revisions of a wiki page and, if they are granted the adequate rights, they can revert the wiki page to a previous revision.

Text Editor for Wiki

OrganiK is configured to offer a WYSISYG HTML editor for editing any type of pages. Additionally and optionally for wiki pages, one can choose to edit the wiki pages in Wiki (MediaWiki) syntax. 


The research partners of OrganiK developed an additional module, “WikiBook”, aiming to offer an aggregated view and RSS feed of a wiki-book, in other words provide an overview of all the child wiki pages under a parent wiki page. The RSS feed for that page includes any additions/ updates to all wiki pages under the specific wiki book.

In order to visit the wikibook overview page, one needs to enter in the URL (after the root URL) “/wikibook/%nid”, where %nid is the id of the top level page in the wiki book. In this overview page one can see the title and a brief description of each of the wiki pages of that specific wiki book.

The RSS feed for this wikibook overview page is available under the url /wikibook/%nid/feed, where %nid is the id of the top level page in the wiki book. The RSS feed icon is displayed not only in this overview page but also in any wiki page of the specific wikibook.

Figure: Wiki Component – Parent wiki page of a wiki book; View, Edit, Discussion and Revisions tabs are displayed


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