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    1 = Social Bookmarking in Drupal = 
     1= Social Bookmarking Component = 
     2one of the OrganikComponents 
     4The purpose of this component is to provide a way for the creation and shared management of bookmarks that link to information artefacts. This component was implemented from the beginning as a part of OrganiK. 
     6The Social Bookmarking creates a new content type in the environment of Drupal. This new content type can be subsequently managed using the provisions of the platform for creation, management and presentation of bookmarks. The content type contains 3 fields: Title, Notes and Link where the link is the URL of the artefact stored. Additionally views and blocks have been created that are used for the presentation of the bookmarks found in the system. If needed, the system administrator can easily create customised views and blocks for this purpose. 
     8The Social Bookmarking component also includes a bookmarklet, as an easy way to add new information. The bookmarklet is a small application stored as the URL of a bookmark that can be used in a web browser. This bookmarklet is written in JavaScript and is cooperating with existing modules of Drupal (Prepopulate module) in order to provide a way to bookmark items to OrganiK while surfing the web without interrupting the current work flow. 
     10Make a new bookmark with this "address": 
     18In the above figure, the OrganiK bookmarklet creates a new resource utilising the title and the content of the page as presented in Mozilla Firefox. 
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