Remote Application / REST API

This API allows developers to interact with OrganiK/Drupal from other programming languages. It provides programming interfaces based on the HTTP protocol, which are intended to be simple to use. The term REST means that the API builds primarily on HTTP and does not include higher-level APIs such as SOAP or XML-RPC.


There is a drupal Services module which provides XMLRPC, JSON, JSON-RPC, REST, SOAP, AMF, etc. It is not released yet, but in active development. There is a services handbook page with detailled instructions how to use it. This API is geared towards writing server hooks in modules and calling special methods. It seems to be primarily used for AJAX environments (and Flex, JavaFX) but not for remote servers mass-adding nodes.

  • After installation, activate the following modules:
    • Services
    • Key Authentication
    • XMLRPC Server
    • Node Resource
    • Node Service
    • System Service (needed for system.connect)
    • User Service (needed for user.login)

Alternatives and add-ons

  • REST Server provides an interface for the Services module to communicate with REST clients. This is maintained.
  • SOAP Server adds SOAP services to the Services module. 27.10.2008.

Dead ends

  • REST provider claims to be an alternatvie to REST Server as it is not constrained as much as REST Server. Not much documentation, last release 2008-07-25. dead?
  • REST API was deprecated due to security problems and a missing maintainer in 2007. dead.
  • RESTfulness was never finished, dead.
  • Web Services This module is considered insecure by Drupal security team and all of it's releases have been unpublished. September 8, 2008. dead
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