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Drupal's notification component allows users to subscribe to specific content types (e.g. blog entry, social bookmarking), tags, posts by specific user, thread and microblogging posts. Users can choose their preferred form and interval of notification (email, message in their personal space, etc. immediately, daily, weekly, etc.)

Users can manage their notification setting in specific pages under their personal space ("My Account" or "My Page") section. An administrator can manage the notification and messaging settings and configurations. Especially for microblogging posts I developed an add-on to Drupal's notification component so that it allows users to subscribe to shouts or shouts by specific user.

Furthermore, support for RSS feeds is built-in with Drupal for latest updates in the frontpage, blog posts by specific user, content matching taxonomy terms. I added an RSS feed for shoutbox posts by any user or by a specific user and also RSS feed for updates on wiki pages belonging to a specific book.


The purpose of the Notification Component is to allow users to stay on top of the updates/ additions/ changes to topics they are interested in within OrganiK. The Drupal community is offering a module very suitable to cover this need, the “Subscriptions/ Notifcations” module.

This module lets users express their desire to get notified for updates to topics of their interest. This is realised by offering the option to subscribe to interesting topics and choose the preferred means and interval for receiving the notifications; by email or by a message in their personal space within OrganiK, the “My Account” pages and weekly, daily, immediately, etc.

Users can subscribe to:

· A specific page. Notifications are sent whenever the page is updated or comments are posted to it.

· A specific user. Notifications are sent whenever the user adds content to OrganiK.

· A specific annotation term. Notifications are sent whenever content is added and is annotated with the specific term.

· A specific content type. Notifications are sent whenever a new page of the specific content type is added.

· Microblogging post by any user and/or by a specific user.

The Notifications Component includes the RSS feeds. Support for RSS is built-in with Drupal, where RSS feeds are offered for the latest updates in the frontpage, in the blog space of a specific user, etc. For the purposes of OrganiK the RSS support was extended to include updates in MicroBlogging posts and Wikibook pages.

Figure 1: Subscription Component – A user can subscribe to receive notifications for topics of her interest

Figure 2: Notification Component – Reception of a notification message in the user’s personal pages




We use the unmodified drupal notifications project and a notifications_shouts add-on by EleniKargioti.

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