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    1111For an introduction to unit testing, read the [ simpletest documentation] at drupal. 
    1212For running tests, go to {{{?q=admin/build/testing}}} on your installation. 
     14== Updating Drupal == 
     15We use a patched version of the Drupal Core and modules. That is, the original version of drupal is added to the source:trunk/organikdrupal, and then remembered as a tag in source:tags/organikdrupal. When updating drupal to a new version, the DIFF between the tagged version and the trunk has to be applied to a new drupal release. 
     16 * Preparation: remember the version of the current trunk. Its rev:CURRENT. Find the tag which identifies from which drupal version the trunk was done. This is tags/organikdrupal/VERSION_X 
     17 * in the trunk: replace the core modules with the new drupal version. The new trunk is now the "original drupal VERSION_X+1" 
     18 * commit the trunk with "VERSION_X+1" and copy it to tags/organikdrupal/VERSION_X+1 
     19 * apply a diff between the VERSION_X and rev:CURRENT of the trunk to the new trunk - all changes we have done to the original VERSION_X are now applied to VERSION_X+1 
     20 * The new trunk is now: a new drupal with our changes applied. commit the new trunk. This is our working copy. 
     21 * Fix bugs, test.