Ranking of Tags

Total ranking of a tag (weighted function of): Internet/Web? Popularity-WP (Gunnar), Internal Popularity-IP (Eleni), LDA-Kostas-K, Recency-R [0,1]

The overall rank is stored in the table term_data in field rank. It is computed by this formula:

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The results are between [0,1]

The components WP, IP, K, R are:

IP Internal Popularity

Is baed on usage. Table “term_usage” consists of columns uid, tid, nid, timestamp =? We conclude internal tag popularity and store it in a table (tid, interna;_popularity)

WP Web Popularity

Web popularity should also be stored in a table (tid, internet_populairty) To be used in Auto-completion, Search, Tag recommendation

Kostas Popularity

Kostas popularity goes up when he has written something here.


As the w1..w3 values must be configurable in gui. (optional) Admin interface for configuring the weights and running it.

The manually added tags will be ranked higher. Organic should learn and adapt to a machine-produced tag being used frequently.


As implemented in ticket:53

In organik_utils.module, in function 'calculate_total_term_popularity', the total term popularity is calculated and stored inside the rank column on term_data table.

ATTENTION: Currently the total popularity is equal to the internal popularity. You need to contribute with your popularity types. Also, this function is not yet called by any module.

In order to compute the overall popularity we take into consideration the recency of the use of a term. This is calculated in organik_utils.module, in function 'calculate_term_recency' (input the term id, output the term's recency)

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