Deploying OrganiK within your Enterprise - cc by Md|Zaq Within the EU-project, we will deploy OrganiK to participating SME partners. For each company wanting to deploy OrganiK, the following information will help getting productive quickly.

Watch the video

video preview Seeing OrganiK in action will best explain how it can be used. We prepared a video for the review of OrganiK at Brussels in November 2009. All events and people in this video are fictitious, some are real but out of context. This is a demo presentation, not an actual business case that ever happened.

Know the benefits of OrganiK

To learn about the benefits of OrganiK for knowledge work, read the presentation by Dimitris Bibikas: (TODO, ticket:65, do the presentation until December 2009). It will help you to know where OrganiK is useful and which processes in your company it can support.

Make a plan cc-by Inno'vision  /  Darcy Zhou Show initiative by planning the next steps. For the technical project partners developing OrganiK, the following timeplan is a guidance and you should know it when making your own plan:

  • June 2009 - test installations of OrganiK are available for you and documented at BeginnerTutorial
  • November 2009 - the prototype implementation of OrganiK is ready. You can start playing around seriously with OrganiK. You can ask questions "how to realise sending a message to a co-worker and having him reply?" or "How to integrate with System X?" and the technical people will improve the documentation on this wiki to give you answers.
  • Get an installation: between January and March 2010 the working implementation of OrganiK will be ready. RTD partners can help you upload your data and you can start productive use. The technical people recommend you to use the SaaS hosting at ICCS for production. But if you want, you can setup your own and administer OrganiK yourself
  • Get first training: between March and April 2010 - make an appointment with your technical contact to show your knowledge workers how OrganiK works based on scenarios.
  • 1.8.2010 - OrganiK is deployed. You can copy your installation from ICCS to your own Linux servers. The OrganiK project is going to finalise and reports have to be written. Support from the RTD partners stops, different options for commercial OrganiK support are available - one of them being, others may come sooner or later.

Make it happen

To make contact easier, we have assigned two technical contact persons to be the main contact for SME partners, contact them for any questions:

  • Costas Christidis is the main contact for LTC and KCL
  • Leo Sauermann is the main contact for Syria and CAS and LA

Each SME partner: please get in touch with your technical contact and set up a timeline for above steps. Once you have a rough plan, upload it to our shared OrganiK installation, so that the others know how you plan to use OrganiK. If this is not ready, we suggest to use google docs. You don't have to make a plan, but if you have one, sending it around helps the technical people to help you.

Then, do the steps according to your individual plan:

Get an installation

To start working, ICCS offers the OrganiK members hosted installations of OrganiK as Software-as-a-Service. Contact Costas Christidis who can give you details. The project members should first use these installations, as we will not be giving support for installing the system yourself. Once you got acquainted with a SaaS version of OrganiK, install it yourself. We will either provide a VMWare based virtual machine image you can easily install on a VM server at your premises, or you can install OrganiK on any LINUX server by following the AdministratorTutorial.

After the installation, you should ImportYourData?. And perhaps extract and import a taxonomy: AdministratorTutorial/TaxonomyLearning. You can also read deliverable 3.2 for more indepth instructions.

Get first training

The RTD partners will show you how to use OrganiK by demonstrating the scenarios to employees at your offices. Your technical contact person will come to your offices and show you how to get things done inside OrganiK. This can be done either on a hosted SaaS version of OrganiK or on your own servers, which you have to install and manage on your own.

To get an impression of how to use OrganiK system can be used. Read the Tutorials?.

The first training is a two-day event. It starts in the afternoon of day and ends at noon on day two. Not all users have to be present during the whole session.

Day one: trying OrganiK (everyone) 3 hours

  • 30 min: introduction talk on OrganiK
  • break (10 min)
  • 30 min: see how the trainer steps through the scenario of your department. One or two of your scenarios will be demoed.
  • break (10 min)
  • 90 min: try out the software and scenario yourself (everyone, as far as time allowes)

Dinner on Day one: giving feedback, talking about more possible use cases (who is interested)

Day two: Collect your feedback for Tim Zijlstra from UoS for evaluation purposes (see #74). (interviewer approaches individuals)

Give Feedback and Collaborate with the developers

On any step you do, tell others about it using our internal OrganiK platform hosted by ICCS. Post success stories of employees who achieved their daily work with OrganiK. Ask questions as blog posts, comment on content, manage your own OrganiK Deployment Plan as a wiki-page, report bugs, exchange success stories, ....

(Leo had to add some stock-like photos from flickr on this page, just for the joy of it...)

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