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OrganiK Beginner Tutorial

Here is a description how to use the OrganiK system the first time to share knowledge within your company.

For login instructions, please contact Kostas Christidis.

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OrganiK - Drupal walkthrough

This walkthrough describes some of the basic functions of OrganiK and its platform Drupal.

  1. Log in as an administrator
    1. Browse to the url given to you by the rtd partners
    2. Type “administrator” at the username field
    3. Type the password given to you at the password field
    4. Click on login
  2. Change the drupal theme. -- Here you learn how to apply a new theme and change the appearance of OrganiK
    1. Click on Administer which lies on your left menu
    2. Click on Site Building
    3. Click on Themes
    4. Garland should be enabled and default.
    5. Click on Bluemarine to make it enabled and then to make it the default theme.
    6. Click on Save Configuration at the bottom of the page
    7. The Bluemarine theme is now applied

You can choose and modify the theme of your OrganiK Installation.

  1. Add a user. --Here you learn how to add a new user for your OrganiK Installation
    1. Click on Administer on the left menu
    2. Select User Management
    3. Click on Users
    4. Click on Add User on the top of the screen
    5. Type in a username
    6. Type in the email address and the password.
    7. Keep the Active selection and click on Create New Account
    8. The message “Created a new user account…” should appear at the top of the screen
    9. You can now log in as the user you created

You can create users and manage their roles and permissions in OrganiK

  1. Creating Content. -- Here you learn how to create a new item in your OrganiK Installation
    1. Make sure you are logged in as the administrator
    2. Click on Create Content
    3. Click on Story
    4. Fill in the Title with “ About Us”
    5. Click on Menu Settings
      1. Fill the Title “About Us”
      2. Make sure that the Parent Item is Primary Links
      3. Keep the Weight = 0
    6. Fill in the body with a small text, maybe a short description of your company
    7. Click on Save .
    8. A new story was created and should be available at the “About Us” link at the menu on your left.

You can create stories and other content in your site and make it available at Drupal

  1. Add a bookmark. -- Here you learn how to create a new bookmark
  1. If you run firefox make sure that the bookmarks toolbar is enabled.
    1. If you are not sure select View on your menu
    2. Select Toolbars
    3. Make sure that the Bookmarks toolbar is selected
  2. Browse to the following link and drag and drop the bookmarklet link depending on your company
  3. Make sure that a new bookmarklet appears on the Bookmarks Toolbar : Add to OrganiK
  4. Browse to a web page you want to add to the organik system
  5. Select a part of the text you want to add as notes to the bookmark
  6. Click on the Add to OrganiK bookmarklet
  7. A pop-up window comes up containint the new bookmark info
  8. Add a few keywords on the Tags part of the form
  9. Click on Save
  10. Browse to the OrganiK Home page and click on the latest bookmark
  11. Notice the additional OpenCalais? tags added at the end of the bookmark

You can create and share bookmarks to items on the web at OrganiK.

  1. Add an RSS Feed to your browser. -- Here you learn how to get an RSS feed for the OrganiK platform into your browser
    1. Browse to the home page of your site
    2. Click on the RSS icon that appears next to the address on you firefox browser
    3. Subscribe to the RSS Feed
    4. Notice the new items that appear at the Feed

You can get instantly informed by RSS for new items appearing at the OrganiK Platform