OrganiK Beginner Tutorial

At the present stage of the project this tutorial outlines only the core functionality of OrganiK which is provided by the Drupal Content Management System. Please note that the OrganiK KM System Research Prototype will be available on the 14th month of the project (i.e. November 2009)

This is a description how to use the OrganiK system the first time to share knowledge within your company. It describes some of the basic functions of OrganiK and its platform Drupal.

To start the tutorial, you need a login (username, password, address of the server) for the system. For login instructions, please contact Kostas Christidis.

Create a user account

If you do not already have a user account for yourself, you can create a new account by using the administrator credentials.

  1. Log in as an administrator
    1. Browse to the url given to you by the rtd partners
    2. Type “administrator” at the username field
    3. Type the password given to you at the password field
    4. Click on login
  1. Add a user. --Here you learn how to add a new user for your OrganiK Installation
    1. Click on Administer on the left menu
    2. Select User Management
    3. Click on Users
    4. Click on Add User on the top of the screen
    5. Type in a username
    6. Type in the email address and the password.
    7. Keep the Active selection and click on Create New Account
    8. The message “Created a new user account…” should appear at the top of the screen
    9. You can now log in as the user you created

You can create users and manage their roles and permissions in OrganiK

Log in with your user account

Before you add information to OrganiK, you must enter your password and username

  1. Log in with your account
    1. Browse to the url given to you by the rtd partners
    2. Type your username at the username field
    3. Type the password given to you at the password field
    4. Click on login

Sharing Knowledge

Next, you can start sharing knowledge with your colleagues. Knowledge stored in the system can be used by yourself and your colleagues. Start by describing a problem that you have solved today so that others know of the solution.

  1. Share your first knowledge item with OrganiK
    1. Ensure that you are logged in with your User account.
    2. Click on Create Content
    3. Click on Story
    4. Fill in the Title with "How I solved today's problem"
    5. Fill in the body with a small text, describing what the problem was that you were solving today and what solution you used to solve it.
    6. Add tags. Try to be descriptive what the text is and what it is about. If you described a solution to a problem of easily calculating travelling costs reductions, good tags are solution, travelcosts, travelling, calculation.
    7. Click on Save .
    8. A new story was created and should be available on the frontpage.

You can create stories and other content in your site and make it available at OrganiK

Adding bookmarks found on the web

Besides knowledge items that only you know about (your own experience), you can also manage your bookmarks with OrganiK and share bookmarks with colleagues. For this tutorial, we take a generic example from travelling, feel free to use any web bookmark that you found interesting today or that you need often.

Assuming you wanted to know how to adapt to hot weather when travelling and found this answer on Yahoo answers:

  1. Create a new bookmark
  1. If you run firefox make sure that the bookmarks toolbar is enabled.
    1. If you are not sure select View on your menu
    2. Select Toolbars
    3. Make sure that the Bookmarks toolbar is selected
  2. Browse to the Bookmarklets Page and drag and drop the bookmarklet link depending on your company
  3. Make sure that a new bookmarklet appears on the Bookmarks Toolbar : Add to OrganiK
  4. Browse to a web page you want to add to the organik system, if unsure, use How do people adapt to hot desert climates such as Sahara desert, Africa?
  5. Select a part of the text you want to add as notes to the bookmark, for the given example this could be "Their clothes are loose, not fitted and although you think they would be hot the clothes make you feel cooler!"
  6. Click on the Add to OrganiK bookmarklet
  7. A pop-up window comes up containint the new bookmark info. The address of the bookmark page and the selected text shows up. You can edit the text and the title.
  8. Add a few keywords on the Tags part of the form. For our example, useful keywords are "travelling, sahara"
  9. Click on Save
  10. Browse to the OrganiK Home page and click on the latest bookmark
  11. Notice that OrganiK added additional keywords to your bookmark automatically. These come from OpenCalais? and are added at the end of the bookmark.

Find knowledge items by using Tags

Imagine a few days have gone by and you wonder what travelling tips organik has to you. You can use OrganiK now to navigate to all bookmarks and articles about travelling by clicking on the top menu "tags" and then "travelling".

  1. find using tags
    1. go to the menu "tags" on the top of the page.
    2. Browser to a tag that you have previously used, for example "travelling" if you followed above examples.
    3. See what items you and other colleagues have added to the system
    4. Open an item that is interesting to you.

Stay up to date on a topic

Once you have used tags and added content to OrganiK, you can use it to communicate with your colleagues. Go to a colleague with whom you often work together on the same customer or project. Tell him about OrganiK and that you want to use it to exchange information with her or him. Then agree on a tag that you two are going to use to send each other messages. For example, you can agree to exchange travelling tips by using the tag "travelling". Then go back to your computer and set up your browser to stay up-to-date about the knowledge that your colleague sends you and things you send to your colleague. To stay up to date, you have to subscribe to an RSS feed.

  1. Here you learn how to get an RSS feed for the OrganiK platform into your browser
    1. Browse to the home page of your site
    2. Go to the tag that you agreed to use with your colleague. In our example, this would be travelling, but you can choose something else.
    3. Your browser should now show everything tagged with travelling, the latest entry at the top.
    4. Click on the RSS icon that appears next to the address on you firefox browser
    5. Press "Subscribe to the RSS Feed"
    6. Notice the new items that appear at the Feed

You can now stay up to date for new items appearing at the OrganiK Platform. Your browser reads the OrganiK's tag page for you and displays new items (which you haven't read yet) in a different color. Try it out, ask your colleague to add a new item and then watch your browser. Typically, it will refresh the feed at least every hour. Compared to using e-mail, the advantage of using tags and feeds is that you can search for tips and tricks later, and you find both the knowledge you added yourself and the knowledge that was added by your colleague.

Next Steps

Follow the Tutorials?.

Administration of OrganiK

After you did the beginner course, you can also learn to administer your system. Please go to

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