Automatic tag attribution (All)

The usability of the system is of great importance to all SMEs. One element that raised questions during the demonstration of the prototype is the ability of the system to automatically attribute tags as opposed to depending on the user entering tags with each item.

RTD Response:

Automatic tag attribution is prone to error, it requires significant Natural Language Processing capability and the risk of the system assigning the wrong tags would significantly impair other functionality, particularly the significant retrieval functionality. There is scope within OrganiK to manually perfect the taxonomies used within each implementation. This is paraphrased the ‘Excel-question’. The Microsoft spreadsheet program Excel offers significant capabilities but is still user friendly to people that do not desire to utilise all the functions. The aim for OrganiK is to emulate a similar type of interface where maintenance to the taxonomy can be done where needed, as such improving the recommended tags. Improving the taxonomy significantly improves the results of the automated tag suggestions. However, these will not be attributed automatically as it requires the user to analyse the quality of the recommended tags.

End Result:

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