ApertureDataAdapter Installation

What you need

Installation of the java aperture-server.war

Deploy the war file as you would deploy any other war file.

After you installed the aperture-webserver.war, you have to defined a username and password for basic authentification in the file. It is placed in /WEB-INF/ and intuitive to use. See the aperture-webserver documentation for the details. Write down the web address (URL) where aperture-webserver is running.

You can test if aperture-webserver works by opening the website, it has a not-password-protected part. Go to and see if the "File Inspector" appears. There is a link to the "configuration section" below, click it to test your username and password. The server will issue a warning in the log files if you do not change the default password.

Configuration of OrganiK Aperture

Enable the modules

  • OrganiK Aperture Module.
  • Note: It depends on RestApi?. Enable services and all service_XXX modules. Enable services key authentication, XMLRPC Server.
  • It depends on externaldocument
  • Also enable exgternaldocument_service.

Go to the setting for this module (admin/settings/organik_aperture), set the URL for the Aperture Web-server Servlet, f.x: http://localhost:8080/aperture-webserver/FileInspector

You need to configure Aperture Data Adapter and bind it to OrganiK.

  • Configure services to use key authentification, use keys, and use sessid. This is in drupal here: /admin/build/services/settings
  • Note: The aperture server needs a external data user in OrganiK to add data. In the configuration, this is called OrganiK user for adding data. The configuration form will take the username of the logged in user, but you can change this to any account you want. It is a beginning to use the administrator account for this, but if you are security-aware, you may want to create a separate user account for external data. Aperture needs the password of this account to add documents.
  • Note: The external data user needs a lot of permissions to add the data.
  • go to the "connect aperture webserver" page and enter the web address, username, and password of the aperture web server.
  • enter the OrganiK password and username of the external data user and press connect with aperture server. You have to do this only once. This will automatically
    • create an RestApi? API key for ApertureDataAdapter and give all permissions to the API key.
    • contact the Aperture Java server using the aperture username and password you provided.
    • transfer the API key, external data username & password to the aperture server.
    • transfer the address (uri) of the OrganiK installation to the aperture server, so that the aperture server can contact OrganiK.
    • configure Aperture to crawl ALL results to OrganiK
  • You can use one aperture server for one OrganiK installation. If you have multiple OrganiK installations, you need multiple Aperture servers.

Refer to ApertureDataAdapter for instructions how to configure datasources.

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