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OrganiK Administrator Tutorial

OrganiK is based on Drupal, so if you are interested in administrating OrganiK, please also consider reading the Drupal beginners cookbook before reading on.

Changing the Theme of OrganiK

You can change the theme of the system, this influences how the system looks (the colors, icons, fonts, layout). Drupal offers a wide selection of existing themes and you can also make your own for your company.

Drupal has an excellent documentation about how to add themes to your installation, here is a short version of this:

Learn how to apply a new theme and change the appearance of OrganiK.

  1. Change the drupal theme.
    1. Click on Administer on your left menu
    2. Click on Site Building
    3. Click on Themes
    4. Garland should be enabled and default.
    5. Click on Bluemarine to make it enabled and then to make it the default theme.
    6. Click on Save Configuration at the bottom of the page
    7. The Bluemarine theme is now applied

You can choose and modify the theme of your OrganiK Installation.