Moving an OrganiK Installation

You want to migrate OrganiK from one server to another? You want to switch virtual machines?


  • current server - the machine on which OrganiK runs
  • new server - the machine you want to move to

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Before you start: If you are an OrganiK project member and moving away from Hermes, skype Leo or Costas before to step through these things together. Known Problems: If you have crawled files with Aperture and the files are on Hermes, the links to these files are broken. Also, the system may behave strangely when trying to re-crawl the files. See below FixingAperture for suggestions.

Steps to take on the current server:

  • Learn how to switch the installation into maintenance mode in the Site Configuration menu. Learn how to switch in online again. Get used to this feature. It will keep users out of the system during the switch.
  • Backup the database on the current server using phpmyadmin creating a zipped MySQL dump, or from the command-line (within the project, Leo and Costas can do this for you on hermes)
  • Take a copy of the installation files on the current server (Leo and Costas do this on hermes for you)
  • Make a copy of the Java webapps ContentAnalyserImplementation?, LDATextanalyser, and OrganikAperture?, remember from AdministratorTutorial/Installation where you installed these webapps.

Steps to take on the new server:

  • Install the software requirements as said in AdministratorTutorial/Installation (Apache, MySQL, Java, etc).
  • Do the typical steps fiddling with PHP and Apache you would do for a normal Drupal installation, especially Create a MySQL account.
  • Install a usable MySQL frontend such as phpmyadmin and restore the database from the dump.
  • Unzip the files into an apache-hosted folder of your choice.
  • Edit /yourfolder/sites/default/settings.php and update the database configuration to your new account (see editing settings).
  • Go to the website of your new server and look at the website. Is it there? If it is in "maintenance mode", go to /yoursite/user or /yoursite/index.php?q=user. Try accessing the CSS and graphic files to see if there is a general file permission problem. If it looks really bad, google for error messages.
  • The web site works now, you can log in, you see the content, you see the configured skin and blocks, the colors and fonts and images look ok. Some plugins may not work, but this may be because of configuration problems.

Install the Java parts on the new server:

  • Unzip the Java webapps into the servlet container on the new server (usually a folder called webapps, see AdministratorTutorial/Installation for tips how to do that).
  • Go into the /WEB-INF/ folder in each webapp and check the configuration files there.

Steps to get fix configuration problems:

That should be it.

Fixing Aperture

Files crawled with Aperture are in the database and in the Aperture crawling "accessdata" list. After you have moved the server and Aperture, Aperture will start crawling again. This may be bad, because it suddenly does not find its desired files anymore and may remove the crawled files from OrganiK. We have no fix for this. Ideas to make it work somehow:

  • edit the folder in /aperture-webserver/WEB-INF/config/serverconfig.trig before you start the server for the first time.
  • Go to the datasource editor in the GUI and change the folder there. Press "crawl". See what happens.
  • Look at the database dump before importing. Replace the URIs of all external documents with the URIs on the new server. This should trick Aperture into updating the existing external documents instead of creating new ones, but it can also go horribly wrong.

In general, moving with external documents is a bit of a problem.

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