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How to setup organik.


  • Apache
  • MySQL 5.0.45
  • PHP 5.0.4 with curl apt-get install php5-curl. This is needed for testing support.
  • Java 6 runtime

Required Steps:

  • Create a folder "organik" on your apache webserver's directory
  • Install the modified OrganiK Drupal 6 version 6.13 (including custom modules) into a LAMP
    • svn checkout organik
  • make a settings.php file according to drupal standards in sites/default/settings.php
  • go to the website and follow the drupal instructions.
  • remember your administrator account and password

Activating the modules:

  • login as administrator to your organik installation
  • go to admin/build/modules and activate:
  • press "submit" this will automatically also enable Organik: NLP API, SemanticApi, RDF
  • press "continue"
  • the modules are now active.
  • go to site configuration organik_nlp: admin/settings/organik_nlp
    • set organik nlp server to localhost:8080 and press "save"
    • go to organik nlp node settings and for page and story set Apply all suggested terms on every update. press "save configuration"

Install the java parts:

  • If you do not have Java 6 installed, Install it. We strongly recommend SUN java.
    • Ensure that your JAVA_HOME is configured (i.e. by setting JAVA_HOME=<yourpathtojava> in /etc/bash.bashrc)
  • If you do not have tomcat running already, go to the console and, as root, install tomcat.
    • sudo apt-get install tomcat5.5
  • find your tomcat webapps folder. On ubuntu, it is /usr/share/tomcat5.5/server/webapps