A demo for internal use (LTC)

A request is made by LTC for a demo to be created of the OrganiK system to be able to show OrganiK to the rest of the organisation. This would benefit the organisation in that it could raise interest within the organisation to think of ways to use the system.

RTD Response

A demo has been prepared for the first review-meeting, this demo material will be shared with the SME partners. The demo video is available here: (note: the names mentioned in this video are completly made up, they are not related to living people and all connections to reality are not intended - this is a demo video)

  • LeoSauermann says: The SME partners can start rolling out the system internally starting in January, see DeploymentTutorial. We will also have on-site presentations with the hermes-hosted versions in january or february. for a possible timeplan, see DeploymentTutorial

End Result

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